Selecting and viewing your assets on your maps with your data.

Show data on your maps live from the ITIQ CMMS system or any other CMMS system it is connected to.

No longer have all your information have to be provided by the few highly skilled people that maintain your mapping information. Allow those highly skilled GIS people to safely provide their extremely valuable data to the rest of your corporation with the controls you want in place with the security you need.

Your data will be queryable, and in some cases, if you want, you can allow specific data to be directly edited or run through a proposal to change process. This can be locked down by access group or even by individual, or any of several other ways based on your needs, making sure only authorized people change data, and only the data that makes sense for them to maintain.

We are currently working with many ArcGIS installs, and have set up to work with other mapping and GIS data providers.