V12.0 ITIQ CMMS, MCe CMMS; Target ship date January 29, 2024.

We have a target date to ship. But we will not ship it if it isn't ready! It is just our most realistic target at time of writing.

Update: Target ship date is now January 29, 2024 (2024.01.29)
Target ship date: Q1 2024 (2024.03.31)

V12 is a major release, the most significant change from 11 is we now add optimizations for large screens (larger than tablets), in addition to our long standing cell phone and tablet screens. This may not sound like much, but it truly is an engineering marvel. Optimizing for all three while maintaining the same overall look and feel took years of design and development, but like the models that failed Pintrest claimed "nailed it" - our V12 is the model that all other CMMSs wish they could be.

It has 100's of other little changes, things like we have a way to stop the browser from trying to save your pin as your password (but we won't tell you how because Google will try to figure out how to start stealing your pin/password again.)

Despite this, our testers so far unanimously tell us that it 'feels like the existing product and needs no training to upgrade'. We tried hard to do that so we were happy to hear this. It is faster in most cases despite doing so much more (we tested continuously with 15 year old hardware.) In several routine tasks it is one or more clicks fewer than it used to be, so it is also faster in that way.

We didn't assign a code name to the project until near the end, when we picked the "Harpy Eagle" because it is known for cleaning up bugs and even more important big "bad" stuff (OK and some other as well, but we'll ignore that.)

Project Harpy Eagle: Harpy Eagles, (Harpia harpyja), are vultures, they 'clean up' the environment. Note that the REAL Harpy Eagles, if you care, are a more subdued blue/purple color or ... more commonly according to google images, much more on the grey palette or light brown wings/chest and/or white chest. The faces range from white to decidedly grey. That is of course of no importance to this project. What is important: Harpy "Eagles" are a type of vulture (yeah, I know), and they find and 'clean up' all the bugs and especially bigger and dead and bad stuff. It is Panama's national bird and is on the coat of arms of Panama.

The real Harpy Eagles are the largest most powerful eagle in the Americas, standing 3 feet tall and up to a 7 foot wing span. It is the strongest bird of prey in the world. Much like ITIQ CMMS and it's white boxed versions like MCe are the most powerful CMMSs in the world.

As for why a bird in general? Because all our CMMS products work as much as possible without the internet, letting you create, manage and even close work orders without ever being connected, synchronizing the changes when you 'land' in an internet zone. Many of our customers can run for a week or more without internet connection - especially the technicians. and inventory count teams, but managers report doing their work and even much of their assigning while riding the subway to work.

We are proud to associate the Harpy Eagle with V12 of our cmms, coming on our 20th birthday; early 2003 was when we demoed to customers our very first CMMS system that specialized with a 'offline' Palm Pilot version of our technician software. We've come a long way since 2003!

And here's a more photo realistic image of the majestic harpy eagle:

Want to see them in the wild? they are found from Mexico to Argentina in lowland evergreen tropical rainforests, some people suggest your best odds will be in Darien in Panama, or the Alta Floresta in Pantanal Brazil and keep your eyes open! You'll see them in the trees; the nest about 40m (130ft) off the ground in trees - so don't expect to see them where the trees are shorter. Despite their size, they are stealthy and live deep in the rainforest canopy, so you will actually be quite lucky if you see them, going with a guide is likely your best chance.